Launched in the autumn of 2018 by the Munich Chapter of the Yale Club of Germany, Munich Dialogues on Democracy is an English language speakers series featuring world class experts with events that foster and support the values of a liberal democracy and its institutions.

Founder Bartley Grosserichter, a Munich based Yale alumna, is supported by an Executive Committee of fellow Yale alumni and friends. The community has grown to include  people from all over Bavaria and Germany who want to support democratic discourse. Including diverse perspectives, we aim to encourage collaboration across our members, friends and the general public in order to further educate and advocate, as well as to combat political polarization and authoritarian trends. 

The format is flexible – a dialogue can be a panel of speakers, between two speakers, or be a keynote address and then Q&A session with the audience. It is possible to work with publishers or local bookstores and have book selling/signing tables for the participants if desired.

Munich’s Amerikahaus/Bavarian Center for Transatlantic Relations (www.amerikahaus.de) has enthusiastically agreed to partner with us. Their mission and expertise make them a natural fit to co-host the events, and their geographical location in the heart of Munich is uniquely suited. The Amerikahaus has rooms that can hold 30-50 people, 120 people, as well as access to the various university and museum buildings with larger lecture halls that hold up to 750 people. Amerikahaus can provide location, logistics and some potential funding. The Yale Club of Germany is looking to contribute to funding through tax-deductible donations from members and friends. Third party sponsorship is also a possibility where suitable.

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Coming Events

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Past Speakers

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Munich Dialogues on Democracy welcomes all to join our community of engaged citizens who care about democratic ideals and ways we can protect the values of a liberal democracy. Our speaker series and other local Munich events are open forums to inspire education, empowerment and engagement.  


The reach of our community is made possible with the collaboration of our principal partners at the Amerikahaus and the Yale Club of Germany, as well as through tax-deductible donations from our members and friends.


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 Our Partners

The Munich Dialogues on Democracy Speaker series is made possible by our leading partners: Yale Club of Germany and Amerikahaus.

Please visit the Speaker pages to learn more about event details and specific partnerships.

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