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Putin, Trump, Ukraine: how Timothy Snyder became the leading interpreter of our dark times

Historians aren’t supposed to make predictions, but Yale professor Timothy Snyder has become known for his dire warnings – and many of them have been proved correct

by Robert P Baird

Photo: Yurko Dyachyshyz/The Guardian


The Unimaginable Horror of a Friend's Arrest in Moscow

It’s painful and surreal to write these words: Evan Gershkovich, a reporter for the Wall Street Journal, is being held by Russian authorities on espionage charges.

Joshua Yaffa writes in The New Yorker

Photo from AFP/Getty


How to Help Ukrainians,

a Year In

Wondering what the most effective way to donate and help?


Timothy Snyder offers a current list of causes to back in and for Ukraine.


Incomepetence and Torture in Occupied Ukraine

"They didn't understand anything, but just spoiled people's lives."

How Russian invaders unleashed violence on small-town residents

By Anne Applebaum and Nataliya Gumenyuk

Photo Dimitar Dilkoff / AFP / Getty

with Asha Rangappa

an Assistant Dean and Senior Lecturer at the Yale Jackson School of Global Affairs, a lawyer and the former Dean of Admissions at Yale Law School, and before that, Special Agent in the counterintelligence division of the FBI, Asha Rangappa's substack "The Freedom Academy" brings together her interests in foreign affairs, law and policy, and counterintelligence. Her goal is to use this platform to educate and create a community around understanding the threat of disinformation and its impact on democracy. Perhaps it’s fitting that this Freedom Academy is manifesting in an online format, given that the threat of information warfare today presensts largely in cyberspace. The great part is that this format has the capacity to bring together more people than the original concept ever imagined!



Matt Armstrong

The title is drawn from a lament over a failed effort to train US government personnel, US civil society leaders, and the equivalent in friendly nations abroad on Russian (primarily) political warfare tactics. The Senate bill to launch the Freedom Academy, this “Political West Point” as LIFE magazine called it, was ultimately killed by Senator Fulbright in 1963 despite enjoying significant bipartisan support in both chambers and the wider public. In 1963, the private group of citizens that originated the concept gave up the fight with what is, unfortunately, an evergreen hope: “Someday this nation will recognize that global non-military conflict must be pursued with the same intensity and preparation as global military conflicts.”

In this substack, Matthew Armstrong shares his expertise on subjects of US public diplomacy and defending against foreign political warfare.

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